“Error 53” will disable your IPhone permanently

Key Notes:

  1. Only occurred if your IPhone support Touch ID finger sensor including the iPhone 5S, 6 and 6S.
  2. And if your Home Button repaired by an unauthorized third party,
  3. If you updated your IOS to version 9.2.


Recently Apple has maintained that Error 53 is designed to protect its customers from security threats. But lot of Apple customers are very unhappy with the decision and claimed that it destroyed their property without any warning.

If you took your phone to a non-Apple certified repair shop to fix your home button, you are at risk.

Error 53 occurs when the user attempts to update their phone’s software to the latest version of iOS 9.2.

Up to date, currently there is no way can revert back the Error 53, and your IPhone will be completely disabled forever.