Google Paping

What are the obstacles now?

  1. Windows command prompt ping only can ping port 80
  2. Different command line between Windows and Linux. No cross-platform.
  3. Bad UI designs.

What is Paping?

Paping (pronounced pah ping) is a computer network administration utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network and to measure the time it takes to connect to a specified port. The name is a play on the word ping, another computer network administration utility.

Why use Paping?

  1. Support cross-platform.
  2. Can test and ping certain port of a particular IP address
  3. User-friendly.

Putting Paping as part of the environment path

You can extract the Paping and keep it in program files, and then set the environment path so that you can use the paping command straight away from any path of the command prompt.


After that, you can straight away type “paping [IP address] -p [port number]”


Where to download?


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