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Now you can save your viewed web page as image into Google Drive

Recently Google launched a new feature where you can save any web page as PNG image, and then store them automatically on Google Drive.

It’s extremely simple to use: You install the extension, and a new button will show up in your Chrome toolbar. Click it while visiting a webpage, and it will be saved in Google’s cloud — to find your saved web page, go to


The only thing is that you might get a little confuse because it automatically saved to your root of the Google Drive directory, so it will might mixed up with your document and photos and pretty difficult to search for them later.

But the extension will make it easy for you to save now and then view them later.

Track your lost phone using Google web site or Android Device Manager

Most of the Android users installed third party application on their phone in order to use it to track down the lost phone. But actually you can do that with google web site as long as your phone is logon to google account before.

So in case you lost your phone, type “where is my phone” at or access to Android Device Manager then you will see the screen like below.

Android Device Manager

You would see a drop down list at the top right hand corner if you have more than 1 android phone connected to Google account before. Google will starts to locate your phone (But your phone must be ON and connected to internet), and return a result like below.

Android Device Manager 2

It is common that users unable to find their phone at home

On the left hand corner, there is a button called “Ring”, clicking on that will trigger your Android phone to ring at maximum volume. This is a good feature to look for your phone especially you accidentally silent the phone and unable to locate that at your house.

Android Device Manager 3

Remotely lock or erase your phone

By clicking the “Enable Lock & Erase” button, it will shows up 2 critical buttons for user to lock the phone, or erase all the data for that phone.

Android Device Manager 4

Putting a recovery message & phone number (I know chances are very slim)

If user choose to lock the phone remotely, the victim can change the password on the spot, putting a recovery message and even a recovery phone number in case someone found your phone.

Android Device Manager 5