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Permanently disable the annoying Windows Defender in Windows 10

If you are developer and frequently developing a software that send a lot of request to another file server across a network, then you might face this issue that I found that only happened in Windows 10 operating system.

The windows defender originally was installed with Windows 10. So when the windows defender detected there are a lot of unusual connections connecting to another PC across network, it will start cutting down those request.

So far I can’t find any methods to uninstall the Windows Defender, but I found that there is shortcut way to off the windows defender permanently.

Steps to Disable Windows Defender

  1. Go to Run.
  2. Type in ‘gpedit.msc’ (without quotes) and hit Enter. This will open up a new menu, where group policy editor options are listed.
  3. Head to the ‘Administrative Templates’ tab, located under ‘Computer Configuration’.
  4. Click ‘Windows Components’, followed by ‘Windows Defender’.
  5. Find the ‘Turn off Windows Defender’ option, and double-click it.
  6. Apply your changes before exiting the GPE menu.

After done, go and access the Windows Defender again and you will see the screen below.