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Manage PERL Repository

For a PERL programmer, it is very important to understand and know what is the meaning of REPOSITORY. Repository is a storage that contains PERL modules, where developer can link their PPM (Programmer’s Package Manager) to those online repositories to installpotential available modules for their system development.

Below are a few tips on how to “Manage” your Repositories in Window DOS Mode:

repository displays all repositories
repository [set] sets the specified repository active
repository add [name] adds a new repository
repository del deletes the specified repository
repository describe [number] displays the name, location and type of the specified (or current) repository

1. TYPE ppm, to access your local PERL consoles in any DOS mode (After you installed PERL on your system)
2. TYPE repository, to displays all repositories details that your system link with.
3. You can add new repository site by:
CODE : repository add [name]
EXAMPLE : repository add tcool http://ppm.tcool.org/archives/package.xml
4. For viewing more detailed about certain repository that already have in your system,
CODE : repository describe [number]
EXAMPLE : repository describe 3
EXPLANATION : Which means show detailed of 3th repository

For GUI PPM, thing will be getting more easier. Look at the site below for version 5.8:
Links : http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/docs/ASPNTOC-ACTIVEPERL/